Teaching a workshop in San Diego.

Teaching a workshop in San Diego.

 Exploring the Amazon.

Exploring the Amazon.

Hello, my name is Amy Carson.

I am:

a nutritionist, gluten-free chef, chocolatier, herbalist, nature lover, yogini, polyglot, amateur anthropologist and culinary explorer. 

I'm currently based in San Diego, California, where I'm working on becoming a doctor of Chinese medicine. It takes about four and a half years, full time. That's a long time for me to stay in one place, so I keep myself entertained by creating things in the kitchen.  I can no longer pick up a spice jar without considering what region of the world it came from, how it's used in traditional medicine, or what effect it will have on my Qi.

Most people have heard of acupuncture, or maybe they've taken Chinese herbs, but few realize that food therapy and lifestyle counseling are also components of Chinese medicine. It's a complete holistic health system, aimed at correcting imbalances within the individual to promote healing. Food is an important part of this process since it's our primary energy source, and it provides the building blocks for strong, healthy bodies. I hope that this site will become a useful resource for my patients and colleagues, and anyone else who's interested in the eastern dietary model. 

Prior to beginning my studies in Chinese medicine, I attended Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, and worked for several years as a nutritionist and personal chef. I also taught cooking lessons, led workshops, and even catered some small events. A few of the earlier blog posts on this site are from that era. 

Before venturing into the field of holistic health, I earned a BA in International Studies from the University of California, San Diego. I taught English in Italy for three years, have dual citizenship, and speak Italian fluently. I also lived in Brazil for two years and learned Portuguese while I was there. Now I'm working on Spanish, whenever I have the chance.

I recently started an artisan chocolate company called Anima Chocolatier. You can view my chocolates on Instagram, on my Facebook page, or by clicking the "Anima Chocolatier" tab in the upper right-hand corner of this site. 

I have been creating my own herbal care products for about a decade, primarily for myself, and for family and friends. My knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine continues to expand and enhance my products, which I am beginning to offer to the public. 

All photos and recipes are my own unless stated otherwise.

Oh, and please don't try to diagnose or cure yourself using information provided here--Consult a qualified practitioner! If you live in San Diego, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is a good, cost-effective place to start. I currently have shifts on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons if you would like to see me for a treatment.